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HORDS Limited is an agro-processing company that adds value to the various agricultural products such as cocoa, cassava, soya and other non-food products in Ghana.

HORDS is a member of the Association of Ghana Industries (AGI).

With a strong and vibrant management team, HORDS is fast becoming one of the major food and household processing companies in the country.         more

+233 30 70 9931

+233 208 11 505

+44 77 11 387 317

We believe that all foods and our products can be enjoyable and play  important role in a balanced and healthy diet and lifestyle.We work to ensure the same level of commitment to quality health, taste and nutrition across all our products.

Raw materials used for the production of all Hords products are from Ghana. Hords add value to raw materials such as cocoa, cassava, soya, and herbs  to produce food supplements, breakfast cereals  detergents and disinfectants  and laundry starch.



+233 57 351 919

Research & Dev.vel

Health & Wellness

Investing in people

Control your health

Most foods and products from Hords Ltd are authentic and organic

Eat a balanced diet