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About Harold Otabil

Harold Otabil attended Adisadel College and belongs to the class of 1975. He entered the University of Ghana in 1977 and completed in 1980 with a Bsc in Agriculture.

For so many years after school, Mr Otabil dedicated himself to research, leading to the discovery of a product which has become global,  and has expanded the frontiers of the Africans’ contribution to health development in the world. This product, Brown Gold Natural Cocoa Powder, has served the market over the last nine years and has helped popularize the medical value of raw cocoa which other companies are emulating now.

Harold Otabil, with his commitment to innovation and creativity, he worked to improve on the Brown Gold to produce Brown Gold Extra which was again later redeveloped into Cocobetix, Cocohyper, Powermax and Col- Fighter.

Otabil's quest to add value to Ghanaian raw materials has not been limited only to cocoa. He has recently out with “Soyabetix” a very effective food suppliment which energizes critical deficiencies in the body that turn to result in certain life-threatening diseases.

Another cup in his feather, is the value addition to an easily obtainable commodity in Africa, Starch, resulting in the production of Smart Look Spray Starch. This was the first of its kind manufactured in Ghana and is very popular in West African sub region.

Harold Otabil is indeed an African genius worthy of honour. He has over 20 products (Brands) to his credit including, Tom Soya, Cerex, Spring Fresh, Smart Look laundry starch, Soya custard, and Pure hygiene detergent

 As an ardent believer of the concept of giving back to society, he has supported his former school Adisadel College in organizing school's centenary speech and price giving day as well as renovating the school chapel in 2006 and was given a very prestigious honour.  

He is the current chairman of the Globe Diabetes Foundation. It is therefore not surprising that Harold Otabil has attracted several national and international awards. He is the proud winner of the Ghana Star Award in 2007 for attractive packaging for Hords spray starch. In recognition of his performance in enterprise, he was also awarded the Dr. Kwame Nkrumah Excellence Award in Enterprise the same year.

In 2011 he was awarded the prestigious GPA Award for Creativity, Innovation, Dedication and Excellence. Earlier last year, Ghana Cocoaboard honoured him with an Execellence award for value addition to raw cocoa. His Soyabetix food supplement has recently been certified by the Food and Drugs Authority of Ghana.


The nature of our business is to satisfy consumers through the provision of quality and healthy foods/beverages and household products Over the years, HORDS limited has been able to establish itself as one of the giant food  and  household  processing companies in the country. Our  target markets in Ghana include students in our outside boarding schools, restaurants, households, working institutions, etc.

 We are currently expanding our market and making inroads internationally into the West- African and European Sub-Regions.

Hords is an award winning brand under Hords Limited- producers of foods supplements, Foods, Laundry starch, detergent and disinfectants

 HORDS Limited is a wholly Ghanaian indigenous company, registered in 1999  as a limited liability company to research, develop and produce Cereals, Detergents and other food supplements in Ghana at Kanda-Accra.  Hords add value to raw material such as cocoa, cassava, soya, and herbs  to produce food supplements, breakfast cereals  detergents and disinfectants  and laundry starch.  

In the last 12 years, HORDS has focused on researching its products and has launched Brown Gold, Soayabetix, Cocobetix, and Spray Starch as flagship brands to the market. 

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 Is to make people happy while enjoying good and healthy lifestyle.



To be innovative in the development  of health promoting foods and beverages – i.e. foods supplements foods and more for good life.


To provide quality, affordable, and the most efficacious food supplement, food, and detergents through research, innovation, creativity, and customer satisfaction.

01 Harold Otabil  The CEO of Hords Ltd